Taxi Finance

Casino Game Introduction

Taxi.finance wants to empower the Game Owners to earn all the game Rakes. We get this idea from home game poker rooms in the US, where hosts get a portion of the cash flow back and forth on the table, or we call “Rake”.
‌At The Game Owners System First Introduction Event, where there will be pools of staking with the first profit we support at 0.5%/days and 1.1%/days, depend on multiple conditions. If you want to be the Game owners, you must deposit and lock TAXI for at least 1 month to be that game owner in that duration. In this way, TAXI Circulation will always need more TAXI for user to be the game owners and earn more profit.
The Final Phase is when everything is live, tons of addicted games of casino and betting will live, the Game Owners and LPs will take the main profit from the cashflow flow in Taxi.Finance. Every game will have a exclusive pool to stake in, and the pool is limited. So if you wanna be the best profit game owners, make sure you have enough TAXI to stake in the pool first to take the best profit. Imagined that you that you are the owners of the only Poker Table in the whole ecosystem, which gonna bring you approximately 3-4% Rake/days(This is home game rate, the real casino rate is 10%) and the cashflow is 1.000.000 TAXI(~1.500.000$)/day, how much is your profit after 1 month? *To make this clear, the Rake - profit for Game Owners comes from a portion of Cashflow flow in that , we are not gonna mint any $TAXI to pay the profit here. So there wont be any Inflation to the $TAXI Price.