Taxi Finance

❌ ❌ Liquidity Providers Rewards ❌ ❌ ❌

The Hyper Inflationary Period

  • Duration: The first 8 weeks
  • Starting From Block: TBA Exactly ~ Roughly 30.12.2020
  • Block rewards have a 20 times multiplier in the first two weeks, and comeback to normal from third weeks.
  • 25 percent of tokens farmed during this period will unlock immediately.
  • The other 75 percent are fully locked for the first 16 weeks, then unlocked LINEARLY every block for a 1 year period, starting at week 17.

Initial Pools

This is the foundation to operate the entire system, so we just want our AMM to focus on 2 pairs of TAXI / BNB, TAXI / BUSD to create the best liquidity for users. In the future, we will create more pair and open the oppurtinity for more LPs to get rewards in our Eco-System. TAXI token holders can exercise governance immediately by voting for the next pools in Taxiswap.

Treasury Fund

An additional 10% of all TAXI distributions will be set aside for the TAXI treasury. The TAXI treasury will be spent on auditing, development, rewarding contributors, and supporting new token projects by providing liquidity to TAXI/new token pool. All spending proposals will be submitted via TAXI governance platform.

Protocol Development

TaxiSwap will improve with several additions planned for implementation. The first one is to port TaxiSwap to other public chains which will increase brand awareness, number of users, and increase the cash-flow to the protocol. The third is to improve the constant function algorithm to support new features, such as having more than a single pair of coins in one pool, or reducing impermanent losses. There are also other DEFI features beside protocol development that can be added into the TaxiSwap platform. New developments and respective budgets will be proposed via the Taxi governance platform. The community can decide on the development priority to fund and to be implemented in TaxiSwap.