Taxi Finance

Taxi Innovation Plan 🛠

1. Total Supply Reconstruction

Old Total Supply: 25.000.000 TAXI
New Total Supply: 1.050.000 TAXI
After success private sales and IEO on ChainX, The innitial cap of Taxi is 1.050.000 TAXI. With an amount of ~90.000 TAXI had been staked in the Initial Game Owner Staking Pool, theres gonna be total of ~27.000 TAXI in rewards.
The TAXI airdrop already taken and have a total of ~50.000 TAXI success in finish all the job, the distribution will happen in 14th, Feb 2021. And We already distribute 50.000 TAXI for communities activities like MXC trading contest, AMA...
Taxi team will conduct a buy back program with will take out that ~127.000 TAXI out of the circulation. The transaction txid will be published at the time we do the burning.
So the Total supply of TAXI and Circulating Supply will be the same number: 1.050.000 TAXI

2. Roadmap Rebuild

The original Road map:

Taxiswap -> Taxi Liquidity Providers -> Game Owners Staking + Casino Games + The Race

New Road map:

Taxiswap -> Taxicash -> game Onwers Staking + Casino Games + The Race
A. We will remove the Hyper Liquidity Programs, which had been reported as a “not good and short term of yield farming”. After serious consideration, we choose the option that are not gonna do harm to our investors.
B. Instead of Hyper Liquidity Programs, we will replaced it by Taxi.Cash. With the development of DEFI and the success of algorithm stable coin, we will follow the trend and conduct a TAXIcash protocol, which is a fork of Mith.Cash. All of the success of Mith.Cash will be apply on Taxi.Cash. Please take a look at (link will be lised later) to see the mechanism of Taxicash.
C. The main currency used in our Taxi Casino Game and The Race will be Taxi Cash, which is the algorithm stablecoin powered by Taxi.cash


1. Fixed supply of $TAXI at :1.050.000 TAXI
2. Remove Inflation Liquidity Rewards model
3. Apply algorithm Stablecoin to Taxi.cash
4. Use Cases of $TAXI:
A. Governence Token: Decide everything, every aspect in Taxi ecosystem included how much is the fee of Taxiswap, how much is the rake of gaming eco-system,...
B. TAXI/BUSD & TAXI/BNB LP token will be 2 of the exclusive pools that have rewards of Taxi cash and Taxi Share.