Taxi Finance

The Race Introduction

More than ever, Game is always at the center of all entertainment business activities. The number of players participating in the entertainment by accessing online games is not only increasing over time, but also forced the billion-dollar industry to innovate constantly, creating many different games and ways to accommodate players of different ages and segments. According to statistics by 2019, there are more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world, the total amount they spend on games were 152.1 billion dollars, up + 9.6% over the same period last year.
In particular, mobile games (smartphones and tablets) are still the largest segment in 2019, accounting for 45% of the global game market, up + 10.2%. Console is the fastest growing segment, up 13.4%. Although PC gaming has a modest growth of only + 4%, the position of PC games has always been the foundation of all developments and innovations in the online gaming market. Most of the most popular game genres originated in the PC gaming community. (All figures above are compared with the same period on last year)
The idea of Taxi’s The Race is to create a Racing Game for all users to experience. But in The Race's world, you are not only participate in entertainment, but also invest and betting for profit. The Race will happen every weekend and hold 2 specific Events: Super Car Race and Sidebet
Super Car Race:
All the owners of Super Car NFTs (SCN) will have a chance to take part in The Race. The first 12 SCN complete the Registration will pay an amount of $TAXI call “The FEE”, the SCN that win will take all The FEE to their garage. Beside that, SCN owners will have a special ability to take all the rake from the Side Bet.
Side Bet:
Within the Race, users can create “Rooms” to bet against each other which SCN will win.