Taxi Finance

TAXI Token Distribution

Taxi Token Allocation:

25,000,000 TAXI have been minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of 4 years. The initial four year allocation is as follow:

Airdrop & Communities Promote Update

Taxi Finance Already Launch The $TAXI Airdrop Progrom on November 25,2020 and we are so glad to say the big hype for our project is there. There are 2 questions popped up in the Community:
  1. 1.
    When the airdrop will end to make sure they can spread the project to the community as much as possible?
    We dont have the end date for the Community Innitiate Airdrop Program. The Program will run until there is no more token in the 500.000 $TAXI Allocation for Airdrop & Communities Promotion. So make sure to run as fast as you can because every one is on race mode now.
  2. 2.
    Why new user of BSC can not join the Airdrop Program?
    As the first days of the project, Taxi Finance want to make this airdrop as a tribute to BSC Community, which is the blockchain that we base on to develop our Ecosystem. But Taxi Finance alway listen to the community and we think that would be nice to spread the Airdrop to new user of BSC to get new users to the platform. Thats why we decide to take a part of the Airdrop Allocation for new users of BSC who trade on our Taxiswap.io when we start. If you are a new user of BSC, please stay tuned, your time will come.

Exchange Marketing Fund

Private Sales

We are so happy to annouce that with the hype of the project, we got over-subcribed now for the Private Sales even before we publish the information.
Private Sales Detail:
  • Token Symbol: TAXI (BEP20 Token)
  • Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 011:00pm KST
  • Place: Binance Smart Chain
  • Private Sales Allocation: 2,500,000 $TAXI
  • Vesting: 4 Years
  • Unlock at TGE: 250,000 $TAXI
  • Price: 0.5$
With a 4 years vesting program, we believe that all of the early investors will stay and commit with the project for the greatest goal of the Taxi Finance Eco-system.
Taxi.Finance is a decentralized eco-system running on Binance Smart Chain, with an infrastructure that give the platform the ability to eliminate token’s inflation. On top of that are tons of features help you earn and win tokens.
In order to participate in the platform, users will need $TAXI to take part in the eco-system. This is the reason we will unlock total 250.000 $TAXI - 10% of total Private Sales Allocation to make sure at the TGE, Early Investor will have $TAXI to enjoy our games.
The $TAXI Private Sales will only be available to non-US community members. Please only plan to purchase what you intend to use in the platform.

Public Sales - IEO on ChainX

We've been working to bring Taxi.Finance to start, and today the community is moving one step closer to achieving that goal. After an outpour of anticipation, Taxi.Finance is excited to announce The $TAXI IEO.
  • Token Symbol: TAXI (BEP20 Token)
  • Date: 14.12.2020
  • IEO close: 28.12.2020
  • Total Token Supply: 25,000,000 TAXI
  • Initial Circulating Token Supply: ~1,000,000 TAXI
  • Amount for sale: 750,000 TAXI
  • Token Price: $1.5/TAXI
  • Currency Accepted: BUSD
  • Individual Purchase Caps: 5 ETH pe registrant
  • Lockup: Unlocked at launch
  • Eligibility: Non-U.S. participants only; certain jurisdictions excluded.

Treasury & Bounty Fund

An additional 8% of all $TAXI distributions will be set aside for the Taxi Finance Treasury & Bounty. The Taxi Finance Treasury & Bounty will be spent on auditing, development, rewarding contributors, and supporting new token projects by providing liquidity to TAXI/new token pool.

Taxi token 4 year release schedule $TAXI

Taxi Circulating FLow