Taxi Finance


Yield farming has an inherently bad characteristic. You are putting down capital to earn something that you and all the others like you intend to sell. This means there is likely to be higher demand in the short run and sell-offs as time progresses. This destroys the value of the underlying token, do to inflating the supply.
Taxi.finance had come to an decision. We gonna change the Hyper Inflation Rewards to new Liquidity Rewards Program called: "DEFLATION LIQUIDITY REWARDS".
There's gonna some thing that we need to change and conduct new things to make this happen.
  • Token Burn🔥
1. New total supply is 1.050.000 TAXI
2. We will burn all the token that exceed the amount of 1.050.000 TAXI
3. With the rewards of initial Game Owners Staking Pool, we will conduct a buy back program to take back all of the exceed token and burn to the ground to make sure the total supply stay at 1.050.000 TAXI
  • Delay the TGE of Liquidity Provider Program. This somehow will make you guys a bit unhappy, but we strongly believe that we need time to finalize the contract and get it audited. With us, "Investor's Fund is SAFU" is the most important thing to us. - TBA
  • The System of Deflation Liquidity Rewards will be announced later. But we can say that this system is not gonna mint any new token. So there is no more Inflation!
Stay tuned guys!~