The Law of Beneficiaries

Exclusively in Taxi.Finance

All the Rake & Profit from the Cashflow flow in Taxi.Finance will follow these rules:

  1. “Big” for Owners (Game Owners and SCN Owners): Must Larger than 70% proportion.

  2. “Small” some for DEV: Must Smaller than 15% proportion.

  3. “Small” some to burn: Must Smaller than 15% proportion.

  4. All of above rules can be change by the Community through DAO voting.

Example: The Rake from Poker Table will be roughly 5% of the Cashflow. Follow the rules, this is how Taxi.Finance share this profit: 1. "Big" some for Owners (Game Owners): 70% of 5% = 3.5% Rake

2. "Small" some for DEV: 10% of 5% = 0.5% Rake

3. "Small" some to Burn: 20% of 5% = 1%